Néa Tríglia, GR 27 C


RU ready for a mini yachting experience?

with Regal 2750

Nea Moudania, Halkidiki

Offers both the harmony of contemporary lines as well as the luxury of a mini yachting experience. The design and the volume, the desire for open spaces and the need for light are all together in a perfect equilibrium where guests can move freely

with Regal 2700

Pefkohori, Halkidiki

Convivial and designed for entertaining, this wonderful mini yacht is designed for elegant living, and it is bound to impress anyone who comes aboard. The outside has been carefully planned: you will be able to sunbathe on the comfortable stern or have a drink on your leather sofa, or even dive and play at the huge wooden swimming platform

with Regal 2450

Ormos Panagias, Halkidiki

Combines comfort with the sporty temperament. It is perfect for lovers of speed and luxury, ensuring that cruising is always gentle in different sea conditions. Making mini yachting memories unforgettable, ’Stavros Fun’ is the surest way to keep everyone relaxed and entertained

with Regal 1900

Nikiti, Halkidiki

Step into a bowrider that’s been amplified to meet the demands of fledgling boat enthusiasts. This Regal 1900 bowrider is an attractive sports boat, ideal for all your water sports fun with plenty of seating for your friends and family

with Pioner Multy

Halkidiki Everywhere

The Pioner Multi has such an intelligent design that its usability stretches from that of a working boat to a fishing and relaxing – easy acceptable boat. Specially for visitors who want to enjoy life, despite their mobility restrictions and their special needs

*Seaside wheelchair & sand carpet are offered upon request

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